February 25th is a full eight weeks into the New Year. No more making excuses, ignoring priorities or putting things off. Everything that got in the way of us making progress with our goals last year has reared its ugly head, demanded our attention and is forcing us into submission once again. All the “this year will be different” inclinations may be falling to the wayside under the burden of busy schedules and the endless 405 freeway construction.

This is the time to take a stand. Seriously. You see, maturity is not looking back on our mistakes and regrets and thinking, with confidence, that we learned from them. Maturity is seeing our previous patterns surface in our current situation and having the resolve and foresight to not fall victim to them once again. Because, you see, it is way too easy to fall back in the same rut that has kept us, time and time again, from creating a positive change in the areas that really need it.

So, I am here to give you a good old fashioned kick in the rear end. You made goals for this year because they meant something to you. They are something you decided needed changing. Changing for you, or for the good of your whole clan. Whatever it was, it was important six weeks ago in the midst of your sugar induced holiday haze. If it was important then, it is still important now. It is just a matter of reminding yourself why.

It may be cliche, but change begins now. If you have just started to give up or you are fully down the road of compromise and rationalization, it is time to stop and take a deep breath. Now, remind yourself why you deciding on the goals you did. Remind yourself what it would mean to you and to those who care about you if you actually follow through. Play the movie. It has a very happy ending.