I have come to realization that I blog with the same fervor that many people have towards exercising – good intentions when starting out, but the follow-through is lacking. The problem, I think, is that intentions are fine but without prioritization the results are just not productive. When we prioritize something we give it value – even if it turns out to have low priority. “Low priority” turns out to be way better than “no priority”. No priority does not mean it is not important to us – it is just that we have not effectively fit it in to our lives.

I am of the school of thought that there is seldom productivity without planning. It applies very directly to our health in a number of ways, it is just that many folks do not see their habits of health as something that should be on a daily, or weekly, to-do list. Unfortunately, by not putting health on our schedules, we open ourselves up to our good intentions being crowded out by whatever “just can’t wait” is demanding our attention. If exercise, meditation, diet, time with friends/family etc. is something that is easily crowded out or always decided at the last minute, then chances are these important activities and habits are not getting the attention they should. And it is not that we have to be rigid with them. It is just that they need to be put on you schedule like anything else. That way, your conscience and sub-conscience see them there ahead of time waiting to undertaken. The more they see them there, the more likely they are to accomplished.

As always, start out easy and do not over do it. Maybe plan two or three healthy things next week that you are going to do at a specific time no matter what – and even if you only get around to one or two you are already on the road to better, more permanent healthy habits. Be sure to actually record your plan somewhere. Most of us have a work or home calendar so whatever you are planning should show up on it as far ahead of time as possible. Saying to yourself “I’m going jogging for 45 minutes this Thursday” is fine, but if you are anything like me, you commonly forget plans you have made for later today – let alone days from now. Like anything, it might take a little getting used to, but before you know it you will be pleasantly surprised with how far you have come.